Warranty conditions

For all products that you purchase from us, the legal warranty applies. Legal warranty means that a product is or must do what the consumer may reasonably expect from it. For some of our products, an additional manufacturer's warranty also applies. This warranty is provided by Tuur® as the manufacturer/seller and does not affect the legal warranty.

Terms of our warranty: 

1. You can exercise this right if the purchased Product does not correspond to the requested goods. However, you cannot invoke the guarantee for changes in deadline or changes in place of delivery or for defects of which you were aware at the time of sale. 

2. The warranty can be invoked if the non-conformity of the delivered good is established within two years (2 years) from the delivery of the good. The warranty begins from the delivery of the good to the consumer. This period of two years (2 years) applies to all products sold through. For mattresses, toppers, and box springs, an extended warranty period of ten years (10 years) applies, starting from the delivery of the good to the consumer. 

(a) If the good turns out to be defective within the first six months after delivery, it is presumed that the defect has existed since the delivery. The seller must prove otherwise if they disagree.

 (b) If the defect of the product is discovered more than six months after delivery, then as a customer, you must prove that the product was non-compliant at the time of delivery.

 3. If you wish to make use of your warranty, you must inform us as soon as possible after discovering the defect, within two years (2 years) or, for mattresses, toppers, and box springs, within ten years (10 years). This can be done via . We ask you to provide us with all necessary information in this regard (if applicable, photos can be used).

 4. This warranty includes the repair or replacement of the defective product.

 5. You are responsible for any depreciation of the products resulting from handling of the products beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the products. Tuur/Revor Group is entitled to charge for the cost of the depreciation in proportion to the refund.

 6. The warranty offered to you by Tuur/Revor Group is valid only and exclusively for manufacturing defects. All deformations or damages resulting from improper use, intentional damage, exposure to abnormal humidity or heat, molds, other contaminations of human or animal origin, wear and tear, discoloration, or use on an unsuitable or poorly positioned surface are not covered under this warranty.

 7. The warranty only applies to products equipped with the Tuur label or another original label. Removing this label voids any form of warranty.

 8. The fact that the product is repaired or replaced does not change the duration of the warranty period. The warranty period always starts on the date of receipt of the original product as described in point 2.

 9. Our warranty period for mattresses, toppers, and box springs is 10 years and is decreasing, see the table below. This only applies to the mattresses and toppers. The warranty period starts upon delivery. After repair or replacement of the product, the warranty period is not automatically extended.

The percentages below represent the percentage discount you receive on exchanging your product.

Warranty value
First year up to and including third year after purchase100% of the selling price
Fourth year up to and including fifth year after purchase60% of the selling price
Sixth year up to and including eighth year after purchase40% of the selling price
Ninth year through tenth year after purchase20% of the selling price

After 4 years, if the mattress, topper, or box spring has a defect that is not caused by incorrect use of the product, and if the problem cannot be repaired, then you will receive a brand new product with a 60% discount on the total price in this case. 

After 6 years, this will be a 40% discount. 

After 9 years, this will be a 20% discount. 

During the first 3 years, the exchange is free of charge.

Invoking the warranty, as previously described, can be done in writing by sending an email to service@tuursleep.com. Do you have any questions about this warranty before or after purchase? Of course, we are also available by phone to answer your questions! NL: 0800 4848484 / BE: 0800 79 240.