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The ultimate in sleep comfort, that’s what you’ll find with our Tuur® Original Plus Mattress. This mattress is based on the Tuur® Original Mattress and contains the same 7-zone ergonomic core, developed by physiotherapists and occupational therapists, supplemented with 2 luxurious materials that enhance the mattress's ventilation:

  • Horsehair ensures an unsurpassed level of ventilation in the mattress and keeps the moisture levels perfectly balanced. Moreover, the horsehair acts like tiny springs, making your mattress respond even better to your body. 
  • Hemp also provides optimal moisture regulation. The fibers of this plant have been used for centuries in various applications due to their unique quality. 

The Tuur® Original Plus Mattress also offers you the choice between 2 sides, each with its own firmness level. The Tuur® Original Plus mattress feels slightly firmer on both sides than the Tuur® Original Mattress. 

The ticking made of organic cotton, natural viscose, and wool ensures a healthy, ventilated night. All Tuur® Mattresses are anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial. The total height is 21cm. 

All Tuur® Mattresses are delivered and installed at your home free of charge. If desired, we will also take your old mattress upon delivery to recycle it. This service can be added at checkout for 29.95,-

  • Core: 100% natural latex, 0% synthetic latex, horsehair and hemp 
  • Cover: 70% organic cotton, 30% natural viscose, comfort layer made from Greenfirst® Biolaine wool and Tussah Wild Silk.

Height: 21cm

Mattress 70x200 cm: 23,22kg

Mattress 80x200 cm: 26,55kg
Mattress 80x210 cm: 27,89kg
Mattress 80x220 cm: 29,22kg

Mattress 90x190 cm: 28,39kg
Mattress 90x200 cm: 29,89kg
Mattress 90x210 cm: 31,39kg
Mattress 90x220 cm: 32,89kg

Mattress 100x200 cm: 33,22kg

Mattress 120x200 cm: 39,89kg

Mattress 140x190 cm: 44,16kg
Mattress 140x200 cm: 46,50kg
Mattress 140x210 cm: 48,83kg
Mattress 140x220 cm: 51,16kg

Mattress 150x200 cm: 49,83kg

Mattress 160x200 cm: 53,16kg

Mattress 160x210 cm: 55,83kg

Mattress 160x220 cm: 58,50kg

Mattress 180x200 cm: 59,83kg
Mattress 180x210 cm: 62,83kg
Mattress 180x220 cm: 65,83kg

If the size you are looking for is not listed, please contact us! In most cases, we can also manufacture your mattress to your specifications.


  • 1,5 cm quilted cover with outer fabric made of organic cotton and natural viscose and quilting (comfort layer) made from Greenfirst® Biolaine wool and Tussah Wild Silk (inner finish).
  • 7,5cm 100% natural latex core with 75kg/m3 density, produced using the Latexco-Method.
  • 2cm horsehair, bonded otgether with a 100% natural latex emulsion. 
  • 7,5cm softer (medium/soft) 100% natural latex core with SG 75kg/m3, manufactured according to the Latexco method.
  • 0,5cm hemp
  • 2cm firmer (medium/firm) 100% natural latex core with SG 80kg/m3, produced according to the Latexco method. 

Maximum weight

Up to 150kg per person

Extra features

  • 2 handles on the lognest side of the mattress
  • Removable mattress cover


Package 45x45x110cm packed in a cardboard box with handles. Free premium shipping with installation up to the 3rd floor or higher if there is an elevator. Option to add the take-back and recycling of your old mattress for 29,95 euros.

First use 

The Mattress is going to be installed for you by our delivery people. Let the mattress rest for 6 hours. After this period, the mattress can be slept on. 

Washing instructions

Light stains on the cover can be removed with lukewarm water and mild soap. For a thorough cleaning, take the mattress cover to the dry cleaner. The mattress cover is not machine washable due to the presence of wool.

Use on a adjustable base

The Tuur® Original Plus Mattress is suitable for use on both electric and manual adjustable bed bases.

Produced in


Certificate and labels

  • euroLATEX
  • ECO Institut
  • LGA Quality Certificate
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • FSC
  • Biolaine
  • Greenfirst

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Free premium delivery

All Tuur® Mattresses are delivered to your home free of charge, and that within just a few days! Our installers ensure that your mattress is fully installed and ready for your first nap.

Your old mattress will be taken back for recycling for just 29.95! You can add this service during checkout. *Not available in Germany

10-year warranty and 120-night trial

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 10-year warranty on our mattresses, toppers, and box springs. Should you encounter any problems, our specialists are ready to assist you in finding the best solution.

Moreover, you have as many as 120 nights to quietly try out our products at home, in the comfort of your own bedroom. Not satisfied? Returning is easy and we will refund your full purchase price.

Naturally you sleep better

Sleeping on a Tuur® Original Mattress, that's healthy sleeping on a natural product. Our mattresses are sustainable and also good for you! Ergonomics was always the priority during the development of our unique mattress. The development was done in collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists.
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The Tuur® Original Plus Mattress, much like the Tuur® Original Mattress, allows you to sleep ergonomically and sustainably, but it goes even further. By incorporating horsehair and hemp, you will experience an even more luxurious sleeping comfort and bring home a mattress that meets the highest standards of moisture regulation and ventilation. Just like our Tuur® Original Mattress, the Original Plus Mattress also makes use of our 7-zone core, developed by physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

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The core of our mattress has been developed in close collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The Tuur® Original Plus Mattress knows exactly which parts of the body need the most support. Your mattress is divided into 7 zones with massage nubs tailored to each specific part of your body. Say goodbye to shoulder, muscle, and back pain!

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The materials we use for our products are each selected for their sustainable qualities. This means that the materials have a low environmental impact before, during, and after use, are long-lasting, and are recyclable.

Why horsehair?

Horsehair is a durable material for mattresses because of its resilience and durability. The material retains its shape and resists compression, making it a long-lasting solution to prevent sagging.

Horsehair is breathable and regulates the mattress's temperature, reducing overheating and sweating, thus creating a comfortable sleeping environment. It is also antibacterial and resistant to mold, which can decrease allergies and promote a healthy sleeping environment.

Horsehair contributes to the firmness and resilience of a mattress and provides support for the spine during sleep. In summary, horsehair offers a durable, breathable, and healthy sleeping solution that lasts a long time and ensures a comfortable sleeping environment.

Why hemp?

Hemp is a sustainable material for mattresses because it requires little water and no pesticides. It has anti-bacterial properties, is resistant to mold and mites, and can help with allergies.

Hemp is breathable and helps in regulating the temperature of the mattress for a more comfortable sleep. It also contributes to the firmness and durability of a mattress and can last a long time without showing signs of wear.

The use of hemp in mattresses provides an environmentally friendly, healthy, and comfortable sleep solution that is also sustainable in the long term.

The ticking

Our ticking consists of 4 materials. The outer layer is made of organic cotton and natural viscose that was woven in Portugal. A breathable fabric that is very durable and also wonderfully soft. The ideal material to sleep on therefore.

Beneath is a thick layer of French wool and Tussah Wild Silk. This layer provides a great feeling of comfort and supports the breathable properties of the cotton and the core. Wool is a breathable material: warm in the winter, cooling in the summer.

In addition, our ticking has been treated with Greenfirst®. This is a natural treatment against dust mites without any chemicals but based on essential oil extracts of lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus.

View the OEKO-TEX standaard 100 certificate of our ticking here.

Our values

✓ Short chain production
✓ High-quality materials that last for years
✓ Focus on sustainable relationships with our workers, our customers, and our planet

Discover how we commit ourselves

1% for the Planet

As a member of the 1% for the Planet movement, we donate 1% of our revenue to Wilderness International, an organization dedicated to the preservation of unique nature for future generations. Our donations are specifically used for the conservation of the sloth habitat in Peru.

By purchasing land in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, Wilderness International ensures that these areas are not cleared for agriculture, for example.

To see the impact our past donations have had (donations are made annually), you can consult the interactive map.
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Natural latex

The cores of our mattresses, toppers, and pillows are made from latex of 100% natural origin. Not only is this a sustainable material, but it is also naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and breathable.

Organic cotton

By decisively choosing fabric with organic cotton as the basis for all our products, we can guarantee you a golden night's sleep. Organic cotton is not only free from pesticides and other harmful substances, it is also breathable and moisture-regulating.

More about organic cotton


For centuries, sheep's wool has been used for its breathable qualities. Warm in the winter, cooling in the summer. In our mattresses and toppers, we use wool as a ventilating, softening layer in the ticking..
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